Friday, May 25, 2007

Pre-Memorial Day Phone Conversation

Feels like summer. It's 90 degrees outside. The parking lot at town hall is filling up as more and more visitors arrive for the weekend. Ditto for the beach parking lots. Lecount Hollow was full of cars and media equipment. Sven and I went down to check it out and put our feet in the water. Surprisingly enough, there was no breeze and the beach was hot, even at 4 p.m. Then it was back to the grind, preparing for guests and answering phone calls. The following conversation has repeated itself with slight variations about a dozen times so far today. Phone rings. I rush downstairs from upstairs, where I am making beds, to answer the phone ...

“Chez Sven! Hello?”

“Oh, hi. I was wondering if you had a room available for tomorrow night?”

“Ah, we are fully booked. It is Memorial Day weekend, and we have been booked for weeks. We also have a three-night minimum on holiday weekends, as do most bed & breakfasts in town.”

“I only need one night. We have a rental that starts Sunday. An elderly aunt was supposed to book a room but she forgot.”

“I suggest you call the Chamber of Commerce.”

“I’m calling from New York. Do you have any other suggestions?”

“You could try the Inn at Duck Creek. They have 27 rooms.”

(I provide phone numbers.)

“Oh, thank you, thank you! You have been so helpful!”

“Good luck! Try us again some other time ….”