Monday, April 23, 2007

Cape Cod Times Reports on Eco-Tourism

It was a wonderful day for a walk at the beach. Unfortunately, I injured my knee and cannot beachwalk for two weeks, so Sven and I stayed home. I am sure lots of people were out however, like this loving couple whom I photographed before the injury.

Last week a reporter from the Cape Cod Times called and wanted to dispatch a photographer to capture me baking organic granola. I do not usually turn down such opportunities, but did, for once. The request was so sudden, and we had other activities going on. The reporter was good enough to feature Chez Sven in her article anyway. Today I subscribed to a new Verdant green magazine so guests can check it out. It is so exciting for the world that green is becoming more mainstream! When people ask why I feel so strongly about the environment, I tell them this little lady is one of the main reasons. Once a person has grandkids, he/she relates to the future of the world in a new way. I heard Tom Friedman say it, as well as several politicians. No two ways about it. I agree.