Friday, April 06, 2007


With April, estate sales start blossoming all over Cape Cod. This morning I went to Chatham, Harwichport, and Yarmouth in search of bargains. Anyone who enjoys antiquing will find the shops in Brewster full of treasures and open for business. Spring is a great time for a visit! This weekend we had a cancellation for Seagull Cottage. Although I posted a discounted rate, no one has contacted me. Cancellations do happen, and, for innkeepers who do not have credit card machines, the inconvenience is monumental. What a shame to have the cottage go empty for Easter! It is booked every weekend until June. People should know that Wellfleet is beautiful, even when the weather is cool. Today, for instance. Sven and I walked over to Dyer Pond. The surface was shimmering in the sun (see above). We continued on to Great Pond. Lo and behold, there, out on the water, lay a man in a wet suit, paddling along on a boogie board. I must say this is the first time I have seen anyone swimming this early. Perhaps he had already gone to the ocean and decided the surf was too rough?