Friday, April 13, 2007

An April Day in the Life

Rush, rush, rush. Tourist season has not even started and things are hopping. I was awakened this morning by a phone call from England, a booking for Wednesday and Thursday of next week. Off I went to Orleans to shop for Seagull Cottage guests who arrive this afternoon. Back in Wellfleet, I found an email from the Provincetown Chamber of Commerce about a journalist in the UK who needs tips on the season’s hot spots pronto. I dashed off an email about the new Julie Harris Stage, then helped Sven clean the cottage. Our guests will be the first to enjoy coffee cake from Dancing Deer! Yesterday shipments from Emz Blendz and Purple Haze Lavender arrived. Also pictured on our windowsill, a java-log. Someone ingenious thought of making logs out of used coffee grains. I cannot wait to have our guests burn it. Rumor is java-logs make everything smell sweet. Rodney, at Strawberry Creek Inn, emailed me about them. Three cheers for green innkeepers! They are so friendly and eager to share good ideas. The day continued with work, work, work. I revised a proposal I am writing, which does not have anything to do with the bed & breakfast, but does take time and energy. Finally I stopped by the Wellfleet Chamber where the secretary had saved me the April issue of Cottage Style Magazine. Indeed, I was able to admire this photo of Seagull Cottage.