Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Wellfleet Preservation Hall

Today Sven and I took a brisk walk at the beach where surfers were enjoying the waves. Then we went downtown to Wellfleet Marketplace where a neat little flyer caught my eye. The front says, “We’re Opening the Doors.” When you open the flyer, you find an image of the marvelous front doors to the old Catholic Church on Main Street. Unfold some more and there is information about the Wellfleet Preservation Hall: “The Vision for Wellfleet Preservation Hall is to restore the former Catholic church, built in 1909, and turn this beloved historic icon into a year-round, vibrant, community-based, non-profit cultural focus. The Goal is to preserve the original sanctuary building for the community, leaving the rectory footprint alongside for the town to use as it sees fit. By Creating Wellfleet Preservation Hall we will accomplish something more significant than rescuing a single structure. Preservation Hall will become the heart of downtown Wellfleet – engaged, supportive, and relevant to the spirit of this unique small town.”

Then there is an invitation: “Watch the doors open at www.WellfleetPreservationHall.org.” The Website gives information on how you can make a donation. What a great idea!