Thursday, March 22, 2007

Hurray for the Wellfleet Chamber of Commerce!

When Sven and I started Chez Sven, we joined the Wellfleet Chamber of Commerce which produces one of the best little guidebooks on Cape Cod. Inside there is a list of Chamber members. Their businesses can also be found on the Internet. The Chamber Web site recently received a complete makeover and went back online. Gone is the quaint village street, the small photo of two children frolicking on a beach, the old-fashioned sepia tones. Now, when visitors Google Wellfleet Chamber of Commerce and double-click, the photo of a summer day at one of Wellfleet's magnificent beaches greets their eyes.

The Chamber of Commerce is a “year-round organization whose mission is to represent the business community, assist visitors, and promote communication between residents, guests and town agencies.” Friendly volunteers man the information booth in South Wellfleet, open weekends in spring and fall, as well as 9 to 6 daily in the summer.

The Chamber organizes several after-hours gatherings during Quiet Season. One was held recently at the Bookstore Restaurant. Members congregated to reflect on the past season, share insight on trends, compare notes, or just shoot the breeze. Selectman Dale Donovan was a guest. Also at my table, Gail Ferguson of 130 West Main, to the left, who reported reservations are progressing at a satisfactory rate, except for June. That made me feel better. We don’t have many June reservations yet either! Together we drank to the coming season. Here, here!