Thursday, January 25, 2007

Winter Changes ...

Yesterday a weather phenomenon known as the Norlun Trough produced four inches of fresh snow, creating a winter wonderland outside.
Here is Seagull Cottage in the snow. I snapped this photo as soon as I heard about a photo-op for Cottage Style Magazine. Let’s hope they include Chez Sven in their feature on the cottages of Wellfleet and Chatham!

Winter is building season here in Wellfleet. Last spring our garden center closed. The Consider the Lilies structure is now being converted to a lumberyard. In the future Mid Cape Home Center will have stiff competition from Shepley, established for years further down Cape. Over at WHAT, the new Julie Harris stage is slowly rising. Here two men labor on the steel skeleton. Down Old King’s Highway, the Stivers’ house was purchased by the owner of the Box Lunch. Our new neighbor immediately headed to town hall for a building permit. Barn? Studio? Cottage? Lodging for employees? Not clear what the use of this structure will be. It may stand out against the snow, but by summer, I’m sure guests will not even notice as they drive past, heading up Old King’s Highway towards Chez Sven Bed & Breakfast.