Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Warm in Winter ...

Wellfleet had one of the warmest Decembers on record. It’s cold in winter, at least it is supposed to be. Everyone knows that. What people do not realize is that heating an independent building like Seagull Cottage costs money. Our last guests stayed for six days and turned the cottage into a cozy nest. The heating bill for that week was four times what we pay when the cottage is empty. They also availed themselves of firewood, as I had suggested, only a bit too assiduously. Sven and I stood in front of the depleted wood pile and talked this situation over upon our return from vacation. With regret, we have decided to initiate a firewood policy. (The first fire will be on us. For subsequent fires, guests will have to purchase firewood.) I will also write a page of heat-conservaton suggestions for the Seagull Cottage information booklet.

I just spent a week in Los Angeles, getting to know my new granddaughter. The temperature reached 70 degrees, unusual even in La-La land. Oh, yes! I forgot. Global warming is just a figment of our imagination .... Wellfleet looked so beautiful to me upon my return. We are lucky to live so close to nature. It is always nice to get back to one’s plants, displayed here on the windowsill in Seagull Cottage. I was sorry to miss the visit of a New York Times photojournalist, who called while I was away. We hope he will come stay on a future trip to Cape Cod.