Friday, April 21, 2006

Spring, Finally!

As soon as I awoke, I realized Spring had decided to make 2006 a banner year in New England. One look outside told me it was going to be glorious. Crisp air, clear blue sky. Not too hot, not too cold. Usually Wellfleet has a lot of rain in April. This April has been pleasantly dry. In our line of business, it is always possible to take a big bite out of such a day by choosing to work outside.

In the afternoon, our carpenter friend Nate Cook dropped by to help Sven install the new screen-door. Back in February, we had noticed a similar one on a house out Old King’s Highway. Sven used ingenuity and created a perfect match. We are very pleased with the result. Now, when people walk our road, they will see two blue doors, one at the start, and one out near the Truro line. We do not have much time for walking just now. There never seem to be enough hours in the day to accomplish all that needs to be done before the season starts. This week Sven helped me turn the earth in the vegetable garden. The chickadees flitted back and forth, chirping gaily. I planted more raspberry bushes, so guests can eventually enjoy our organic raspberries.

The good weather makes people want to come to Wellfleet. We have had several last-minute requests for accommodation. I hate to turn people away, but sometimes we have no choice. Here is another peek at the screen-door, with a view of the vintage table on the side lawn. Sven had his breakfast outside today. Being a Swede, he loves the outdoors and seizes every opportunity he can to experience nature. If you look closely, you will see a white hyacinth in the bottom left-hand corner. Hyacinths make the yard smell wonderful.

Everyone seems to like the new Web site. We have had a lot of positive feedback: “professional,” “more modern,” “looks great." Our first site was pitched at foreigners. It never occurred to me that Americans might feel intimidated by Sven’s ability with languages, but that was exactly what guests this past weekend told me. I do not think the same will happen with the new site, though. It provides a succinct summary of all Chez Sven has to offer. The yellow flower in the right-hand corner is an enlargement of a correopsis from our garden. The photo was taken early July, 2005. It is such a pleasure to see the garden springing back to life. After the daffodils and crocus, the species tulips have joined the parade…