Thursday, April 27, 2006

Healing Body & Soul in Eastham, Orleans, and P-town

Dr. Lori Deveuve is a chiropractor, a word I used to scorn. Not any more. Oh, how I love to lie on her table and abandon myself to those talented hands! Dr. Lori explains every adjustment she makes. Gentle, wise, knowledgeable, state-of-the-art, caring are adjectives that come to mind. At first Sven was a skeptic, but he left Dr. Lori’s office a convert. If you happen to have hurt your back or suffer from an old sports injury, do yourself a favor. While on Cape Cod, go see Dr. Lori in Orleans.

Spirit-medium Robert Brown came into our lives as a birthday present two years ago. Brown discovered the ability to contact spirits almost by accident in 2001. A deeply religious man, Brown feels his gift comes from God. Trained as an interior designer, he accepts his calling and now happily combines the two careers. Sven & I have visited Robert Brown, based in Provincetown, twice now. Each reading was a journey that opened new vistas and provoked thought and retrospection. Robert Brown can be reached at (617) 439 4100.

What seemed to be an unending string of tea-drinking guests in 2005 made me realize how much I needed Tea Culture. By mid-August, I got up the courage to ask Londoners the right way to brew tea. They said bags would do, if that was all we had. I heated the teapot, poured in boiling water, let the tea steep. Being polite, my guests drank, but their forced enthusiasm made me realize there must be more to serving tea. Fast-forward to a large sign marked TEA. I jerk the Volvo to a stop and enter the cozy new tearoom created by Joe and Sara Augustino. They sell white, green, black, oolong, Pu-erh and herbal loose tea in heat-sealed, Ziplock stay-fresh foil bags. Joe treats customers royally, offering sample brews and custom blends. He has even traveled to China in search of tea knowledge. At Tea Culture I learned white and green teas are especially good for health. Thanks to Joe and Sara, I have become an avid tea drinker and provide Chez Sven guests with what must surely be the best organic tea on the Cape. Tea Culture is located at 182 Bracket Road in Eastham.