Wednesday, April 05, 2006

An April Day in the Life

My son is giving me a wonderful birthday present: a brand new Web site. He has been working on it all week. Every day I have been helping rewrite the text and today is no different. In fact, I am already feeling bleary-eyed, and it is only 10 o’clock. Luckily a brisk knock at the door draws me away from the computer. It is the UPS man with a package. Inside I find a door mat from the Frank Lloyd Wright catalog for Seagull Cottage. I take it over and try it out. Nice! Up early today, Sven is busy on the porch. Every year we need to repaint something. On the way back to the main house, I feed the birds. They must be happy about the rain. Several thirsty chickadees expressed exasperation yesterday. One more look at the new mat. Yes, it looks great. I wave to Sven and get back just in time to field a phone call. A couple is interested in Seagull Cottage for their honeymoon. Indeed, the cottage is a perfect retreat. Inspired by this request, I sit back down and compose a Honeymoon Special. As I am thinking of what to include, it occurs to me that a great way to start off one’s life together would be with a guide on non-toxic living. I flip through my new copy of Naturally Clean by the crew at Seventh Generation – a truly amazing book – and whip off an email to order more so I can include one as part of every Honeymoon Special. As I am doing that, the phone rings again. Mitch, from WHAT, is calling to see if Chez Sven will renew our ½ page program ad. I convince him to send a packet of information and then we can negotiate. Last year we advertised Julian Olivas’s photo exhibit of Christo’s Gates, held in our Studio. I would not mind advertising Wellfleet Chezsven Blog this time. My kids say no one is interested, but I cannot believe that. I guess you would call it the “build-it-and-they-will-come” syndrome. I have had such nice comments from strangers who stumble across the blog and have never even been to Cape Cod. Seems normal that people who love Wellfleet would enjoy reading about year-round life here, too, n’est-ce pas? Whoops. There’s goes the phone again. What a nice couple, inquiring about Seagull Cottage! I often feel like I could do with a secretary. Two majestic hawks fly by the window, floating on over the forest. I hope they eat all the mice Sven has not been able to catch in his traps. He has finished painting now. Since it is soon planting time, he starts putting together the new arbor beside the Studio. I will need to buy some more climbing roses. It is going to smell even sweeter here this summer than ever before! Off to the garden center I go ….