Saturday, March 25, 2006

Cahoon Hollow Beach Cannot Be Beat

Beyond this fence lies what must surely be one of the most spectacular beaches on earth. Cahoon Hollow has acquired quite a reputation over the years. The small sandy parking lot can only accommodate a limited number of cars. On beautiful summer weekends, it fills up by 10 am. Limited cars means limited people. It’s easy to walk a short distance and find privacy.

So-o-o-o, beachgoers-in-the-know arrive early. Almost hidden behind colorful beach chairs, coolers, umbrellas, boom boxes, volleyballs, and other assorted beach gear, they troop down the seventy-foot dune with the firm intention of staying all day. Cahoon Hollow is the closest ocean beach to Chez Sven, a two-mile walk up Long Pond Road. We offer complimentary drop-off service to any guest who requests it.

For lunch, Cahoon Hollow beachgoers eat picnics or grab a burger at the restaurant beside the parking lot. Cahoon is famous as the home of the Beachcomber, located in what used to be a lifesaving station, built in 1897. The structure was later converted to an inn. Its name comes from one of the rooms, decorated with driftwood.

The current owner bought the Beachcomber in 1978. The rustic eatery doubles as a nightclub. Live bands play Saturday nights. No wonder Cahoon Hollow attracts such a vibrant crowd!

Another reason must be the steep dune. Couples with young children choose Cahoon because of the dramatic drop, a beach-experience not soon to be forgotten. I used to take my kids to Cahoon Hollow in the seventies. What fun they had frolicking in the waves at low tide!

Cahoon is also where young men show off muscles to bikini-clad admirers. Few beachgoers actually swim here. They seem to prefer volleyball.

There are some summer visitors for whom Cahoon Hollow is synonymous with vacation. We have a couple tenants like that. They wear matching Cahoon Hollow t-shirts and practically live at the beach. That it narrows to a few yards at high tide doesn’t seem to matter. Such devotion is not unusual.

The fact that tourists love this beach so much gave the owner of the Beachcomber a great idea. He installed a Web cam on the third floor. Anyone dreaming of summer can check out the view in real time. I recommend dawn-viewing. The sunrises are truly awesome!