Thursday, March 23, 2006

10 Good Reasons to Choose Wellfleet for Your Summer Vacation

One of the advantages of staying at a bed & breakfast is the personal attention the innkeeper can give each guest. We know what to recommend, what people have liked and not liked. When guests ask me to name my favorite vista, I send them to Great Island. The drive up Chequessett Neck Road always takes my breath away. Here is that view, stunning even in winter. Natural beauty is definitely the primary reason people come to Wellfleet. The scenery here is incredible. But, there are other reasons, too:

2.) Pleasant sunny weather with gentle breezes. (Rain is scarce as low pressure rides up the east coast to Maine in the summer.)
3.) Multiple beach options: cold ocean, cool bay, warm ponds. Salt water, fresh water, chlorinated water. (Yes, some motels do have swimming pools!)
4.) Numerous fine seafood restaurants. (Try a new one every night for two weeks.)
5.) Galleries, open late. (After sun, surf, and fish dinner, stroll around town, taking in the art.)
6.) Wellfleet’s world-famous oysters.
7.) Old-style drive-in, which doubles as a fabulous flea market four days/week.
8.) WHAT, where edgy drama takes precedence.
9.) Nightly literary and cultural events at the Wellfleet Public Library, called "the pulse of Wellfleet" by author Philip Hamburger.
10.) Provincetown without the hassle, close enough to explore as a daytrip.

Not yet convinced? Let me add two more, bringing our total to an even dozen:

11.) Nature walks at both the Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary and the Cape Cod National Seashore.
12.) The Gestalt International Study Center which offers a wide variety of stimulating seminars.