Monday, July 23, 2007

Friends of Wellfleet Libraries Hold Annual Book Sale

Everyone loves books, especially folks who summer in Wellfleet, it seems.
The Friends of the Wellfleet Libraries held their first annual book sale yesterday in front of Town Hall, and it was a huge success. The second sale will take place August 12. Fifty dedicated volunteers, led by Denny O’Connell, make this Wellfleet tradition an event not to miss. The volunteers collect used books throughout the year, then sort and box them. A team transports the books to Main Street where more volunteers set up tables and unload. Faithful patrons hover nearby awaiting the signal that the sale has begun. Come 9 a.m., the rare books table always receives the most ardent book-grabbers, while less frenzied attendees head for DVDs or plunge into the crowd in search of a book to read on the beach. Friends of the Wellfleet Libraries' Board members collect payment with a smile. (Recent hardbacks cost $3.) All morning customers mill about, discovering books they cannot live without. At 1 p.m., still more volunteers dismantle the tables and transport any leftovers back to the Book Shed. Another great sale is over. The Friends have earned money to benefit our library. Tourists and Wellfleetians have purchased inexpensive reading matter. Everyone leaves happy!