Friday, September 08, 2006

September Already!

Labor Day has come and gone. The summer season is almost over. I tell everyone how weird the weather has been this year. September is usually our most pleasant month, weatherwise, but fall is in the air. I dug out the comforters today, since the weatherman predicts cold nights ahead ...

The results of the online poll in the Provincetown Banner last week were heartening. 33% of the respondents show no interest in switching to environmentally-friendly cleaning products. Of course there is much room for improvement, but when you consider there was no information whatsoever online, just the question out of the blue, the results could have been far worse. At Chez Sven we followed the advice in our last blog and purchased third-stage filters, shown here installed in Seagull Cottage.

The grapevine says this was not a good summer for Cape Cod businesses. We are happy to be one of the exceptions. I attribute our success to the wonderful Web site my son Paul created, but also to our espousal of important issues like the environment. Our guests love the breakfasts we serve. Many have left with my organic granola recipe in hand. Several requested our Swedish breakfast, with fresh tomatoes from the vegetable garden. Sven has enjoyed sitting outside. Here is his latest sandwich creation: the Chez Sven Tomato Special. Yum!

We had our first Swedish couple last week, an exciting event. I hope they will tell all their friends. What lovely guests we have enjoyed this summer! Thank you one and all for choosing Chez Sven.