Tuesday, August 22, 2006

View from the Trenches

The crush of tourists in downtown Wellfleet is a good argument for vacations in June, July, or September. I know I have said this before, but it feels like an invasion. Our Seagull Cottage guests report that there even was a small traffic jam on our road yesterday. I sneak in and out when most people are at the beach. Come September, Sven & I will begin our walks again.

August has brought families to Chez Sven, Wellfleet’s “kid-friendly” bed & breakfast. Sven and I have enjoyed both the children and the parents whose presence allows us to travel in our heads as they describe countries of origin: Canada, France, Russia. Here one young guest smells the flowers, morning glories that grow on the fence of our smaller vegetable garden.

I share information about Wellfleet with guests, and frequently learn from their experiences. People have been enjoying the beach at Marconi, where it is possible to buy an annual pass, good in all the national parks in America, for only $25. Most recently, I found out a jazz band has been playing at The Juice, on Commercial Street, to the neighbors’ absolute horror, but to the delight of the restaurant’s customers.

If I have not been blogging about Wellfleet as much as usual, I must admit it is because I have been busy with my other blog, By Bea’s Bedside. A reporter from the Cape Cod Times even came to do an interview. The article was published this week. The star of the blog is my mother Beatrice, 96 ½ years old, surely the most important guest at our bed & breakfast.