Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bird Builds Nest in Hanging Basket

Check out this photo of one of my hanging baskets. I took it down to water more efficiently and, surprise, surprise, inside found a nest. I had seen a bird flitting in and out, but did not think the bird would really use the flowers as shelter. The bird is a type of wren, which Sven and I call "The Spiller." She has earned this name by knocking seeds out of the feeder, as if on purpose. We are surrounded by birds here in the woods. Often, early morning, I hear them singing. My favorites are the catbirds, because of their special melodic song, when they choose to offer it up. Here is a recent comment from our guestbook, written by a lovely woman who grew up in Wellfleet and noticed the difference of waking up surrounded by nature: “Such a treat to get up in the morning with that beautiful birdsong and fresh Cape air. Lovely, lovely garden. Delicious breakfasts. Thanks for a wonderful stay!”