Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Outer Cape in the News

On Sunday, I flipped open the New York Times Magazine to the Lives page and the first words of the second paragraph jumped out at me: “Slough Pond is not just any old pond.” (I can only agree there. My godmother Nancy Macdonald was a long-time summer resident, and I used to take my kids swimming in her exclusive pond, right and above, shared by only a few other families.)

Today’s New York Times Editorial Notebook features Verlyn Klinkenborg on preservation of the so-called Hopper landscape in nearby Truro. (When I asked a born-in-Truro friend his opinion, he pointed out that the people, who are offended by the idea of a 6,500-square-foot house, erected their own dream homes during his lifetime.)

And soon, I am sure, some reporter will pick up the saga of Caleb Potter, whose mom, Sharyn, is writing a blog which many people think should be turned into a book, describing how a skateboard accident united a small town ...