Monday, September 10, 2007

Guest-Blog: The Body Burden Test

Having a guest in Seagull Cottage this week who suffers from chemical sensitivity due to early exposure to pesticides, I thought the time was right to post a guest-blog from Sheri Gibbs, green innkeeper extraordinaire:

"Nothing you use with chemicals in it can't be replaced by something safe.

There is, forming right now in this country, a massive movement to try to get toxic chemicals labelled and/or removed from all products used by humans...because the deadly things in our shampoos, colognes, perfumes, soaps, lotions, hair dyes, nail polishes, cosmetics, household cleaning products, furniture, clothing, food, printing, packaging, and a million other everyday things people use with no clue they are not safe for human exposure are causing glaucoma, a multitude of cancers, and somewhere between 40-156 million Americans are now suffering full-blown serious environmental illnesses. Millions of us are so loaded with what is now officially called the 'Body Burden'...a lifetime's build-up of toxic chemicals... that they can't travel, can't go to any kind of public event, and can barely stand to be in a grocery store long enough to dig up anything that is safe to eat. They are being referred to as 'the canaries in the coal mine,' and, if we don't wise up, don't listen and take action, refuse to buy the stuff, clear it out of our homes...we're toxifying our world so fast there soon won't be any way to escape from what we've allowed to be done to us. We all now have our own individual Body Burden, according to where we have lived, worked, and what products we have used in our lifetime.

Because of my committment to green, chemical-free lodging at White Pines Victorian Lodge B & B, I'm shoulder deep into the battle now, too, and want to urge you to raise your own awareness and that of others you know and care about, by taking the simple quiz on this amazing Body Burden website. According to what you fill in for the things you use in your home, on yourself, what you cook with, and your every day routinely used things, this test will give you a score and explain to you, personally, what you have ingested in your lifetime, and give you suggestions for what could save your life, definitely help your health. We all have a lot of stuff we use every day, or regularly, that has no business being on us or in our homes, or in our workplaces, which is where so many people are getting seriously sick. It only takes a few minutes and the results will knock your socks off!

Click here. In seconds, it will give you a score on the chemicals in your body and tell you where you stand with the four main bad chemical groups. It will tell you where and how you most likely have got (or still get) exposure to them, and offers suggestions for what you can do to lower exposures. For example, it's time for us all to get all the fleece clothing out of our closets here in the north. And get that cheese out of that plastic wrap, quick. This really is remarkable and well worth the few minutes it takes to do this quiz. Results like these from expensive, specialized blood testing cost upwards of $10,000!

I write these words with the hope that it will help make your health, your future and our Planet Earth a safer place to person at a time!"