Friday, November 10, 2006

A November Day in the Life

This has been an exceptionally busy day, hardly what one would expect for November. This morning I raked leaves and hauled them off to the dump. I have almost put the whole garden to bed now. The UPS man brought a package of samples form Rishi Tea, which I discovered when cottage guests left an empty tin several weeks ago. I answered emails, sending regrets to three different people for the coming weekend. Then it was off to the Box Lunch for a guacamole sandwich. Sven and I decided to take advantage of the incredible weather and set off for the beach. On the way, we stopped in at the Codder Antiques and purchased a beautiful old chair for Liberty Coin Suite. The ocean waves were exciting! There is nothing quite so invigorating as a brisk walk in the sea air. (If you look carefully, the dot in the middle is a seagull!) Once back home, I planted the rest of the daffodils and helped Sven prepare Seagull Cottage for our guests tomorrow. Pillowcases always look nicer when ironed, so that’s what I did next. For dinner, Sven and I decided to try renovated Finely JPs. We loved the brand new building and color scheme. The menu remains the same. The service was a bit slow, but we enjoyed our dinner, although I regretted not ordering my favorite: Cataplana with lobster, delicious! Since so many of Wellfleet's restaurants close in winter, we are glad Finely JPs merits recommendation.