Saturday, November 18, 2006

Climate Change

Whoa! On Cape Cod? You bet. The Provincetown Banner informed us this week that a rise of only ten feet would submerge Provincetown. What a shame that would be! Here is Sven, this fall, enjoying Provincetown with cousin Xavier, from France. I just discovered a new program that is worth a look: The Climate Code with Dr. Heidi Cullen on the Weather Channel. Today’s show featured Richard Branson, who is contributing 3 billion dollars towards the development of alternative fuels. What can the rest of us do? Recycle. Discuss global warming. Use environmentally-friendly products. We do all three, here at Chez Sven. Try your best to support alternative energy. Wind energy? Why not? Wellfleet erected a tower this week to evaluate the possibility of the installation of a wind turbine at White Crest. Sven and I saw the wind turbines at work off the coast of Germany and Denmark. How majestic they were!