Monday, July 10, 2006

Searching for Peace? Try Chez Sven!

Here are the Google searches that recently led to this blog:

Slough Pond cottages,
Dyer Pond,
Long Pond,
Gull Pond,
Cahoon Hollow Beach,
Lecount Hollow Beach.

(This photo was taken at Lecount this winter. Sven and I like to walk there because the sand is firm beneath our feet.)

Wellfleet Transfer Station,
Swap shop. (Both searches are surprisingly frequent.)

White Cedar Swamp,
Lyme Disease
(several and I wish there had been more),
Old King’s Highway,
Liberty penny, Liberty coin, Lady Liberty.

Wholesome breakfast.
(I liked this one. I am always glad to have guests who appreciate the benefits of a wholesome breakfast and search out lodging that offers one.)

Secret ponds.
(Dyer Pond is described in this month’s Yankee Magazine unfortunately, so it is not going to be so secret this summer.)

Sandbars, ocean, Wellfleet.
(This person has the right idea. Sandbars, ocean, Wellfleet screams SUMMER VACATION to me.)

Wellfleet condemned house
(This search pulled up the blog about the house that has been moved back from Newcolm Hollow beach. I am not sure this is what the searcher was looking for though. There are doubtless other condemned houses in town.)

Wellfleet peace. Now this was my favorite search.
Our Liberty Coin Suite guests this past weekend commented on how peaceful it is at Chez Sven. Here is what they wrote in our Guestbook: “We had a wonderful quiet and relaxing time in this beautiful oasis with no noise other than birdsong. Thank you also for your hospitality and the delicious breakfast...”