Sunday, July 16, 2006

Books, Anyone?

Wellfleet celebrated books once again today. The Friends of the Wellfleet Libraries July Annual Book Sale took place from 9:00 AM until 1:00 PM outside Town Hall. A large selection of previously enjoyed hardcover and paperback books, art books, children’s books, videos, tapes, games and puzzles were available.

Unfortunately I was unable to go because I was busy all morning with bed & breakfast turnover. However, having attended for a number of years, both as a customer and as a volunteer, I can easily imagine what fun everyone had....

When the hoards descend on the parking lot outside Town Hall, few people are aware of the many hours of preparation involved. Volunteers pick up donations throughout the year and sort books at a shed at the Transfer Station twice a month, rain or shine. Two sales are organized and advertised each summer. The second one will take place August 6.

Prior to each sale, volunteers get up at dawn to transport the heavy cardboard boxes, set up tables, and arrange the books by category. The cashiers arrive at 8:45, as eager customers strain behind a barrier, in an attempt to read the spines of the rare books on display. Other tables offer fiction and non-fiction, including travel, psychology, cooking, art, and children’s books. At the stroke of 9:00, there is a mad dash to be the first to claim personal favorites. Tourists join residents in examining the wide array of books available. Some lucky customers find treasures autographed by a local author. Everyone goes home happy with a pile of reading material. The sale continues for four hours. Finally, unsold books are packed up and removed.

The 2004 book sales brought in $13,351. Last year netted a record $15,042. And today's grand total: $9484!