Friday, December 22, 2006

Men in Trees & Winter Sunsets

This week we had some of the trees behind Seagull Cottage removed. We always enjoy watching the men climb up and slowly hack away limbs. The garden will have more light next summer. I look forward to the second step, removal of the stumps, which is to take place in January.

December is a very quiet month in Wellfleet, if you are to believe the Chamber of Commerce. We have twelve nights booked, which is not bad when you consider I closed the bed & breakfast the weekend of the memorial service for my mom. In December, Sven likes to go to Duck Harbor and admire the sunsets. “I’ve seen many sunsets up in the north, but these are remarkable,” he says. “There is such peacefulness walking on the beach. At this time of year, we are basically alone. No one there.” We did see Selectman Dale Donovan and Steven, out enjoying Duck Harbor as well, and waved. My dad used to love to watch the sunsets from the Mayo Beach parking lot. Here it is, the view that screams, “Peace! Wellfleet! Peace! ”