Tuesday, September 12, 2006

In the Wake of Florence

Crisp clear air, bright blue sky, September is an ideal time to be on Cape Cod. Of course the tourists would like the temperatures a tad warmer, but no one will argue that this weather is invigorating. Sven and I went down to the sea this afternoon and admired the waves, churned up by Florence. We witnessed erosion in action at high tide. The beaches of Wellfleet may not be perfect for those who wanted to sunbathe, but the weatherman says the temperature will rise this weekend. We year-rounders simply take our cue from nature. Walking is a much better choice right now. Time to go fetch some hiking boots in one of the many tempting sales now happening in Provincetown. That's what our current guests did yesterday. Today they set off for a hike on Great Island. Sven and I can only get away for an hour, so we chose Lecount Hollow. The power of the ocean was awe-inspring!